Here are some samples of my works in graphite, charcoal, pastels, watercolours, acrylics, and oils.


I enjoy working with graphite as it enables the freedom of light and shade to draw out the character.

This Russian sculptor is a very kind and talented sculptor who was once an International champion martial arts boxer. We met on the Black Sea  beach at Koktabel, Crimea where he had an open air exhibition of his work in semi-precious stones. 


Charcoals can be used to produce atmospheric portaiture. These portraits were developed from sketches of colleagues during a meeting when I was bored with the topic under discussion. I later composed these on A3 white drawing paper with willow charcoal.


Pastels are wonderful to work with, especially on landscapes as its possible to produce moodes and rich landscapes. 

The large landscapes shown here are 120 cm x 90 cm mounted behind glass in heavy gilt frames.  

On the left is a late sunset over Dundee on a mid June night when it is never dark.

On the right the sun is setting behind  Kar Dag, Koktebel, Crimea one evening in early May


This is an example of a watercolour commission on 508 mm x 406 mm 300 gsm NOT. The boy's grandfather commisioned the painting to begin rebuilding his portfolio of family pictures following tragically lossing of all his photographs. He was a farmer in the Troodos mountains near Kakopetria, Cyprus. His source image was dogeared from inside an old wallet.

I welcome a challenge and can work from photographs as long as there is enough detail. Its also possible to construct from a group of photos when the preferred image lacks detail. 

Family portaits can be created by combining a group of individual images when there is not a single image available. 

I'm happy to discuss the possibilities of creating your dream image - just contact when convenient. 

Portraiture and lanscapes below are samples to demonstrate some of my range.


On the right is an example of an acrylic portrait on canvas board measuring 14 cm x 19 cm.

This size is particularly attractive in an ornate gilded frame as shown here. It is a size suited to the memories of departed loved ones.

Acrylics are very good for large canvases as unlike oils it is possible to complete compicated subjects quickly as there is no need for long drying times. The first below was completed in single outdoor sitting. The subject is varieties daffodils and narcissis fields growing on a hillside in Angus, Scotland during the month of March.

These three are abstract landscapes completed for a commission based on the battlefields of Angus, Scotland.

Oil Paintings

The Charging Black Bull was inspired by Costa Blanca Spanish bull fighting. It is an 90 cm x 60 cm oil on canvas. 

Below are examples of oil painting commissions.

The child was a privately commisioned oil on box canvas 25 cm x 35 cm, the source image was an e-mailed digital photo.

In the centre was also a privately commisioned oil on box canvas 30 cm x 30 cm from a photo taken on a mobile phone.

The third, entitled "Rita's Baltic Surprise" is oil on canvas 100cm x 40cm.  the surprise came from the splash of a wave of cold seawater that soaked the leg of her jeans. Privately commisioned based on a mobile phone image transferred via Facebook.