Guide to Commissioning

Commissioning an artwork is a relatively straightforward process

Contact by whatever way is easiest for you, direct meeting, e-mail, social media. 

For portraits say what kind of work you have in mind: a drawing, watercolour, acrylics, oils, pastel, mixed media. Also what style you prefer such as contemporary, traditional, semi-abstract or similar to a famous painting.

I can work from your image source such as a photographic print or digital image that you have and like. I can pick out elements from multiple images to focus on what you want. Sometimes a good quality clear image is not available but you may have a group of images that can be used as references. 

The portrait below was created from two reference photos that provided sufficient data to enable me to complete the portrait

Reference Images Photo reference images for details in composition
Ukrainian Prabusya (Great grandmother) Graphite drawing of Ukrainian greatgrandma on A3 drawing paper
Reference Images & Painting Reference photos to find necessary details to meet commission requirements