Guide to Commissioning

Commissioning an artwork is a relatively straightforward process.

The first step is to make direct contact, or if possible to meet. However the contact is made possibilities can be discussed to explore the options that you may have and not thought about.

I am happy to meet to discuss your ideas, and, offer some of my own, so that we can come to some form of mutual understanding. If a meeting is not possible we can correspond by email or social media. 

For portraits I need to know what you have in mind as an image source such as a photographic print or digital image that you have and like. Or, it may be we need to start from scratch. I'm happy to work either way. If you have a specific image please bring this with you or send me a copy by an attachment. Sometimes a good quality clear image is not available but you may have a group of images that can be used as references. 

The portrait below was created from two reference photos that provided sufficient data to enable me to complete the portrait

Reference Images Photo reference images for details in composition

The two portaits below were developed from informal digital photos. I combined images in an attempt to draw out the character of the individual. The black and white portrait is graphite on white drawing paper, the other is a watercolour on 180 gsm acid free paper using a limited colour pallet.

Ukrainian Prabuska Graphite drawing of Ukrainian greatgrandma on A3 drawing paper
Reference Images & Painting Reference photos to find necessary details to meet commission requirements

Composing to commission

The brief was initiated due to the diagnosis of a serious illness. Before the illness intensified she asked to have a family portrait with the three siblings positioned as they were as children in the botom left photo. Their most recent photo had them cropped and out of position in the print on the left but another photo was found that provided the necessary image to complete.

Landscapes can be developed from images of your favorite views. Other themes can result according to your wishes and agreed topic specifications - the only limitation can be imagination - but that's where I can help.  

I enjoy painting and happy to discuss possibilities to suit your interests. I'm not limited to standard sizes so can create a painting to any required size. Some types of paintings work well unframed, however, it may be that you already have a frame you want to use, or have a framer that you like use - it's entirely your choice. 

In response to recent enquirers I have developed a simple pricing formula in Euros to recover costs for oil paintings. It works out at 7 cents per square centimeter: that is 45 cents per square inch.  

Head & Shoulders

One Person

Two People

Dimensions Inches / cm

12” x 16” / 30cm x 40cm



16” x 20” / 40cm x 50cm



20” x 24” / 50cm x 60cm



24” x 30” / 60cm x 76cm



Full Length

20” x 24” / 50cm x 60cm



24” x 30” / 60cm x 76cm



30” x 39.4”/ 76cm x 100cm



35.4” x 47.2”/ 90cm x 120cm



Framing can be arranged separately by mutual agreement.