Flamingo Head Oil on canvas 80cm x 100cm
Scurdie Ness lighthouse brewing storm sunset Oil on canvas 40cm x 60cm
Montrose beach. Pastels on board 30 x 90 cm Beach at the mouth of the river South Esk
Montrose basin at sunset Oil on canvas 80cm x 100cm
Torrevieja flamingo tending its chick Close up of a flamino with its chick oil painting 120cm x 60cm
Torrevieja salt lake flamingo feeding chick Torrevieja Luna Rosa flamingo feeding its chick oil painting 120cm x 60cm
Laguna Roza sunset Sunset over Laguna Roza Torrevieja. Pastels on board
Rescued horse with carer Rescued horse at the scanctary under the care of Sue. Oil on board 80cm x 60cmd
Anatomy? A moment in still life Contemporary figurine still life, skeleton, manequine admiring marvel man. Oils on panel
Blue Lagoon Elephant swimming with baby Elephant mother and baby swimming underwater. Oils on canvas
I wish I could fly! Pink elephants playing with baloons. Oil on canvas